Sanitary sensor with integral 0.188″ (4.7625mm) diameter thermowell. Available as an RTD or thermocouple

The S55 offers a small diameter thermowell and probe assembly ideal for obtaining an accurate temperature measurement in small diameter tubes or where immersion length is restricted. This configuration offers the convenience of a removable spring-loaded sensing element and the functionality of a compact package. Use the S55 in applications that require the removal of the sensing element without opening the process system.

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Series S Standard Spec Sheet


Sensor typeRTD (Pt100) or Thermocouple
Temperature range-50 to 200 C (-58 to 392 F)
Sensor styleDirect Immersion
Sheath diameter0.188"
Immersion depthfixed
Process connection Hygienic Ferrule
Instrument connection0.5" NPT, NPSM
Spring loaded for thermowellYes
Wire terminationHead
Hazardous ratingNone
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