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Environmental Temperature Sensors

Would you like to purchase wireless temperature sensors for environmental applications? Burns Engineering can supply what you need.

Environmental temperature sensors allow you to closely monitor the environments that you are working in, ensuring that unsafe conditions don’t arise. Implementing advanced measurement solutions will allow you to immediately detect changes in temperature and humidity so that you can act accordingly.

At Burns Engineering, we’ve been developing high-accuracy environmental temperature sensors for more than 60 years. Our clients know that they can rely on us to provide wireless temperature sensors for a wide range of environmental applications.

We offer the following selection of Series D products for environmental applications:

  • D01, D02, D03 and D04 averaging RTDs for use in all types of environments
  • D05 and D06 four-point averaging platinum RTDs that can function in high-temperature environments
  • D07 and D08 RTD room temperature sensors that can be installed in controlled environments
  • D09 RTD room temperature sensors with transmitters that can be used in temperatures ranging from -50ºF to 185ºF
  • D10 RTD room temperature sensors which can operate without a junction box
  • D11 heavy-duty RTD room temperature sensors for applications in extreme environments


Do You Need Wireless Environmental Temperature Sensors?

Environmental temperature sensors can allow you to maintain a safe working environment at all times. Contact Burns Engineering today to ask us more about how our products can benefit your company!