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Sanitary Temperature Sensors for Pharmaceutical Applications

Are you looking to purchase high quality sanitary temperature sensors fit for use in the pharmaceutical industry? Burns Engineering can assist in finding the perfect sensors for your needs.

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is vital to ensure that manufacturing processes stay within a certain temperature range to maintain product quality. To monitor the temperature of your company’s products, you need a temperature sensor which can safely be used in a sanitary manufacturing environment.

When it comes to sanitary temperature sensors for pharmaceutical applications, Burns Engineering has the best on the market. For over 60 years, we’ve made it our mission to provide the highest quality temperature measurement solutions to our clients.

We can supply your pharmaceutical company with the following types of sanitary sensors:

  • Series S RTDs and thermocouples for use in sanitary drug manufacturing processes.
  • Non-intrusive RTDs and thermocouples that can be installed in small diameter pipes.
  • Sanitary thermowells to protect your sanitary temperature sensors.
  • Freezer and cryogenic RTDs for sub-zero drug storage installations.
  • Series A RTDs for confined space applications.
  • Autoclave RTDs for use inside of autoclaves.
  • Bioreactor RTDs for use in bioreactor bag systems.
  • Flush mount RTDs and thermocouples for mixing vessel applications.


The Best Sanitary Temperature Sensors for Your Pharmaceutical Company

Burns Engineering’s lineup of sanitary temperature sensors offer a perfect solution for the temperature monitoring needs of your pharmaceutical company. Contact us today to learn more about our products!