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Sanitary Temperature Sensors for Biotechnology Applications

Would you like to buy sanitary and cryogenic temperature sensors to be used in the biotech industry? Burn Engineering carries an inventory of all the sensors you might need.

In the biotech industry, it is critical that your staff is able to monitor your products as they are developed and manufactured in a clean and controlled environment. Monitoring your company’s products under such conditions requires the usage of specialized temperature sensor solutions.

Burns Engineering can supply your company with high-quality temperature sensors for biotech applications. We have more than 60 years of experience with providing our clients with premium temperature measurement solutions that can be used effectively in sanitary and cryogenic environments.

We are able to distribute these types of temperature sensors to your biotech company:

  • Series S RTDs and thermocouples which can be installed in sanitary product manufacturing facilities.
  • Non-intrusive RTDs and thermocouples that are designed for small diameter piping applications.
  • Sanitary thermowells that can secure and shield your sanitary temperature sensors.
  • Freezer and cryogenic RTDs for use in sub-zero product development and storage installations.
  • Series A RTDs which can collect measurements in small space applications.
  • Autoclave RTDs that can measure temperature inside of autoclaves.
  • Bioreactor RTDs that can be utilized to monitor and control the temperature of bioreactor bag systems.
  • Flush mount RTDs and thermocouples that are designed for use inside of mixing vessels.


The Most Reliable Sanitary Temperature Sensors for Your Biotech Company

The sanitary temperature sensors developed by Burns Engineering are tailor made for applications in biotechnology. Connect with us today if you’re interested in learning more about our products!