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Industrial Temperature Sensors & Probes for Aerospace Applications

Would your company in the aerospace industry benefit from precision industrial temperature sensors and probes? Burns Engineering would be happy to serve as your supplier.

When temperature sensors are used for aerospace applications, it’s crucial that these aerospace sensors and probes are extremely precise and able to function in extreme environments. In the aerospace industry, sensors are used to monitor the temperature aboard everything from passenger aircraft to space stations.

If you’ve been seeking a dependable partner to provide you with aerospace temperature measurement solutions, Burns Engineering would be honored to fill that role. We’ve been manufacturing high-quality temperature sensors for aerospace applications for the past 60 years.

We can provide your aerospace company with these products:

  • Series 100 thermocouples for applications aboard aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Series 200 RTDs which can be used as measurement solutions in high-accuracy environments.
  • Series 300 RTDs for high vibration applications in the hazardous atmospheres involved in the aerospace industry.
  • Metrology PRTs Are extremely accurate for laboratory or calibration applications.
  • Cryogenic Sensors are designed for extreme cold environments.


Top-Precision Temperature Sensors & Probes for Your Aerospace Applications

At Burns Engineering, we’re committed to producing the most dependable temperature sensors for aerospace applications. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what our products can do for your company!