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Industrial Temperature Sensors for Manufacturing Applications

Are you in need of industrial temperature sensors for use in the manufacturing industry? See what Burns Engineering has to offer.

There are many uses for industrial temperature sensors in the manufacturing industry. Only the most carefully designed temperature sensor solutions can function effectively in the extreme range of temperatures and environments found in manufacturing applications.

At Burns Engineering, we’re dedicated to providing our manufacturing clients with premium industrial temperature sensors. For over 60 years, we’ve developed a reputation for supplying the best temperature measurement solutions in the industry.

We can supply your manufacturing company with the following kinds of sensors:

  • Series 100 thermocouples that can be used in the -196ºC to 1260ºC temperature range.
  • Series 200 RTDs for applications in temperatures ranging from -196ºC to 500ºC.
  • Series 300 RTDs which can be used in higher vibration environments, with temperatures from -50ºC to 200ºC.
  • Series A RTDs which can collect precise measurements in confined spaces.
  • Series B RTDs and thermocouples designed for surface-mount applications.
  • Series D RTDs that can be used to sense air and room temperatures.
  • Series E RTDs and thermocouples which have adjustable length and numerous mounting options.
  • Bearing temp RTDs for usage in industrial rotating equipment.
  • Cryogenic sensors for sub-zero applications.
  • Custom temperature measurement solutions for niche uses.
  • Thermowells to protect your industrial temperature sensors.


Top-Quality Industrial Temperature Sensors for Your Manufacturing Company

Burns Engineering designs industrial temperature sensors that can handle all the extremes of manufacturing. Reach out to us today for more information about our products!