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Temperature Sensors for Chemical Industry Applications

Does your company need industrial temperature sensors for use in the chemical industry? See what Burns Engineering has to offer.

There are numerous applications for temperature sensors in the chemical industry, and these sensors must be able to function in hazardous environments. Only the most carefully designed industrial sensors can be safely used in the corrosive and volatile conditions that are often encountered in chemical industry applications.

Burns Engineering can supply your company with temperature measurement solutions that are rated for usage in all chemical industry applications. Our engineers have spent over 60 years committed to producing high-quality chemical industry sensors that can function in environments containing toxic chemicals and explosions.

We can provide these products to your chemical company:

  • Series 100 thermocouples designed for hazardous chemical applications.
  • Series 200 platinum RTDs which are rated for use in volatile environments.
  • Series 300 RTDs which can deliver highly accurate readings in hazardous environments.
  • Series A mini RTDs that are designed to function as full immersion chemical industry sensors.


Industrial Temperature Sensors for Hazardous Chemical Applications

Burns Engineering manufactures high-accuracy temperature sensors that are rated for all applications in the chemical industry. Call us today to learn more about our products!