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High Accuracy Temperature Sensors for Oil & Gas Industry Applications

Are you interested in purchasing industrial temperature sensors to be used in the oil or gas industry? Burns Engineering has just the products you need.

Temperature sensors play a crucial role in all stages of gas and oil production, from initial extraction all the way through final distribution. Industrial sensors are designed for applications in hazardous environments, where they will be used to monitor the temperatures of oil and gas during the production and refining processes.

Burns Engineering can provide your company with high accuracy temperature sensors for all gas and oil industry applications. For over 60 years, we have been offering the finest temperature measurement solutions for clients who need sensors that are accurate, resistant to corrosion and have an explosion proof rating.

Let us supply your gas/oil company with the following products:

  • Series 100 thermocouples which are rated for usage in hazardous environments.
  • Series 200 RTDs that can be used for a variety of temperature sensing applications in the gas and oil industry.
  • Series 300 Heavy-duty vibration resistant RTDs which function effectively as high accuracy gas and oil temperature sensors.


Accurate Industrial Temperature Sensors for Oil & Gas Industry

Burns Engineering is proud to manufacture the most reliable temperature sensors for oil and gas applications. Give us a call today if you have any questions about our products!