Underwater Style, with Guard Tube

This model is designed for complete submersion under rivers, ponds, etc. The 0.250″ (6.350 mm) sheath is protected by a perforated guard tube, The guard tube and coupling are removable. The 18 AWG neoprene insulated cable is completely waterproof and heavy duty to withstand adverse conditions. The whole assembly can withstand temperatures from -40 to 90 °C while fully immersed.

Sensor typeRTD or Thermocouple
Temperature range-40 to 90 °C (-40 to 194°F)
Sensor styleDirect Immersion, Indirect Immersion, Hand-held, Laboratory-Calibration
Sheath diameter.080 (2.0mm), 0.125 (3.175mm), 0.188 (4.76mm), 0.250 (6.35mm), 0.375 (9.52mm)
Immersion depthfixed or variable
Process Connection Compression, Hygienic Ferrule, Threaded, Socket weld, Flanged, Weld in, Van Stone, None
Instrument connectionHygienic Ferrule, NPT, No exposed threads (NPSM)
Spring loaded for thermowellOptional
Wire terminationCable, Head, Both
Area classificationHazardous, Explosion proof, flame proof, general
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