Mini RTD sensor 0.125″ (3.175mm) diameter with extended cable

The A05 design delivers an extremely small profile sensor with class-leading tolerances. When space is limited accuracy and repeatability are a must and extended cable length is necessary, the A05 is the answer. The small diameter, highly flexible sheath enables the sensor to maneuver into even the tightest spaces to secure your critical temperature measurements. With unlimited installation possibilities, the A05 gives you maximum flexibility and reach in a compact design. 0.125″ (3.175mm) diameter.

Sensor typeRTD (Pt100)
Temperature range-196 to 200 C (-320.8 to 392 F)
Sensor style Full Immersion
Sheath diameter0.125"
Immersion depthFull
Process connection None
Instrument connectionNone
Spring loaded for thermowellNo
Wire terminationCable
Hazardous ratingNone
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