22A Head with Indicator

Explosion proof aluminum body with battery power and integrated temperature indicator.


Burns #19 & #22: Aluminum Indicator Heads
This aluminum head includes a digital indicator (4 digit) and is rated as explosion proof. The #19A is a loop powered LED
indicator. The temperature signal is provided via a Burns T51 or T55 transmitter. The #22A is a battery powered LCD
display that connects directly to the sensor wires. NEMA 4X rated.
FM approved for hazardous locations:
Class I Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D
Class II Div 1, Groups E, F, G
Class III Div 1
• ½” NPT sensor connection and ½” NPT conduit connection
where applicable.
• Includes both internal and external grounding screws.
• Accepts RTD or Thermocouple sensor inputs.
• Works with: Series 100, 200, 300; Sensor Styles A, B, L,
and all Series S sensors.