135°C (275°F) max. Averaging platinum RTD for HVAC. Field adjustable shape, up to 58′ length

The D03 provides temperature averaging for large area air measurements in rooms or HVAC systems. This low-profile sensor is available in lengths up to 58 feet that can be formed in the field for a custom fit. The sensor can be mounted with a compression fitting or clamps. 135°C (275°F) max.

Sensor typeRTD (Pt100)
Temperature range-46°C to 135°C (-50°F to 275°F)
Sensor styleDirect Immersion
Sheath diameter0.250", 0.188"
Immersion depthFixed
Process connection NPT, Flanged
Head connectionNone
Spring loaded for thermowellNo
Wire terminationCable
Hazardous ratingNone
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