1E Head

Cast iron connection head with epoxy finish. Accepts 4 or 6 position terminal block


Burns #1: Cast Iron Head
The #1C cast iron connection head is coated with black heat resistant baked enamel. Also available as #1E which is white
epoxy coated. The cover is sealed with a neoprene rubber o-ring and retained with a stainless steel chain. The internal
mounting threaded hole pattern supports installation of a terminal block or transmitter. The #1 head is NEMA 4X rated.
• Code #1EN, configured for No Exposed Threads installation; N.E.T. Solutions™.
• ½” NPT sensor connection and ¾” NPT conduit connection.
• Accepts a 4 or 6 position terminal block.
• Works with: Series 100, 200, 300; Sensor Styles A, B, C, L, and all Series S sensors.