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Featured Product – Underwater Sensor

For water temperature in cooling ponds, waste water discharge, etc.

The Burns underwater RTD is designed for measuring water temperature in power plant cooling ponds, municipal waste water discharge, and other similar applications. Construction is 316 / 304 SS, and nylon for long term corrosion resistance. Heavy duty neoprene insulation on the 18 AWG cable insures long life and accurate measurement. Available with cable lengths up to 500 feet in 3 or 4 wire circuit arrangement, the sensor follows the IEC 60751 and ASTM E1137 standards for a 100 ohm, 0.00385 coefficient platinum sensor. Sensor and cable are completely waterproof and corrosion resistant and can be laid directly on the pond bottom or suspended.


Available with a 304 SS guard tube that provides additional durability and impact protection.


See the drawing.


Accuracy up to ± 0.15°C at 10°C (50°F) is available when the “05″ interchangeability code is selected. Standard accuracy is ± 0.30°C at 10°C (50°F).