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CDC Storage Temp Change

Vaccine Storage Temperature; 1°F matters

Shared by Madge tech, the CDC has changed the storage temperature for vaccines. The lower end of the range was increased from 35°F to 36°F, and prefers that the indication be displayed in °F.  The Madge tech article shares:  “The.CDC does stress, however, that all digital data loggers (DDLs) used for vaccine temperature monitoring should have their Fahrenheit temperature range and alarms reprogrammed to reflect the shift.”  

That sounds like an important point.

CDC Tool Kit

Here is the entire CDC Tool Kit Document – it’s actually fascinating..


It may not seem that 1°F change will matter, but if the CDC is concerned enough to make a 1°F change in the recommendation, it would seem prudent that the sensor supports this level of system performance.  Burns Engineering agrees that the data loggers and readout devices be programmed appropriately as well as calibrated periodically.


The data confidence is only as good as the measurement provided.  The Engineers at Burns strongly recommends that the sensors in the system be verified periodically to ensure consistent performance and confidence in the recorded data.  Here is a Technical Paper regarding RTD Periodic Verification and a second paper with a few insights on Installation to Reduce Errors.


If the CDC is concerned about 1°F, your confidence needs to be based on 0.25°F.  This is achievable with wise sensor selection, installation techniques, and verification methods.