Intrinsically safe wireless temperature transmitter for thermocouple, includes LCD indicator

The OleumTech® OTC Wireless Thermocouple Transmitter supports third-party type K thermocouple sensors for monitoring extreme heat process conditions including flares, kilns, and gas turbines. The WT-TC1 features 24-bit analog to digital conversion (ADC) and provides a reliable method of measuring temperature. The WT-TC1 provides a junction box and wiring terminal board for accepting a third-party thermocouple sensor. The temperature output can be reported in Fahrenheit, Celsius, or both. The ultra-low-powered transmitter is powered by a replaceable battery pack that provides up to a 10-year life. The push button LCD interface allows for device configuration and instant access to process data.

StyleHead Mounted
Sensor inputThermocouple
Number of sensor inputs2
Output900 MHz
Communication protocolNone
Local indicatorNone
Configure Part Application Notes