Intrinsically safe wireless transmitter for type “K” thermocouple sensors

The OleumTech® OTC Wireless Thermocouple Transmitter supports third-party type K thermocouple sensors for monitoring extreme heat process conditions including flares, kilns, and gas turbines. The SM-TC1 features 24-bit analog to digital conversion (ADC) and provides reliable method of measuring temperature. The SM-TC1 provides a junction box and wiring terminal board for accepting a third-party thermocouple sensor. The temperature output can be reported in Fahrenheit, Celsius, or both. This ultra-low-power transmitter is powered by a replaceable battery pack that provides up to a 10-year life.

StyleHead Mounted
Sensor inputThermocouple
Number of sensor inputs2
Output900 MHz
Communication protocolNone
Local indicatorNone
Configure Part Application Notes