RM4 Wireless I/O

Wireless I/O system with integrated radio

The OleumTech® WIO® Radio Kit with Onboard I/O provides instant I/O connectivity and is one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions for solving a vast number of point-to-point I/O and stranded asset monitoring and control challenges.  The RM4 Kit is comprised of Radio Modules A and B. The RM4 Wireless I/O Kit provides two unidirectional analog 4-20 mA inputs and outputs (Module A to B only).  It also provides two independently configurable discrete I/O channels that can be set up for the signals to travel in either direction (Module A to B or B to A).  For the sake of simplicity and ease of use, the I/O count in this system is fixed (non-expandable).  The RM4 Kit is designed for use in non-hazardous/ordinary locations.

StyleHead Mounted
Sensor inputThermocouple
Number of sensor inputs2
Output900 MHz
Communication protocolNone
Local indicatorNone
Configure Part Application Notes